The Independent Group of Companies
Independent Sports Consultants

If you were expecting a list of our
Professional Sports Clients at this point, Sorry!

We act on behalf of LEADING INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL SPORTS PROFESSIONALS, within many different Sporting Sectors, as well as Newly Qualified Sports Professionals seeking guidance at the start of their Career.

If they want guidance on a myriad of services, whether it is Commercial Management, Financial & Legal Services, Media & PR they come to us, as we have a highly experienced team who work CONFIDENTIALLY on their behalf.

However, they don't come to us to be part of a long list, because our
Professional Sports Clients deserve individual attention and not just to
be part of the crowd.

And it's not that they're shy about being known, it's just that we prefer you to read about them in the press, see them on TV or listen to them on the radio.

Of course, if YOU want to be a client and need the reassurance from a recognised Market Leader in advising Professional Sports Clients, that's not a problem, just get in touch on 02891 450000 for a Confidential, Unbiased & Professional Consultation.